The Police Relief Association has been in existence since the Milwaukee Police Department was formed. At that time, Police Officers did not have any benefits with many of them getting injured in the line of duty or paying the ultimate sacrifice. The spouses and children of those officers were on their own, having to live without their loved one’s income and support. The founding members of the Police Relief Association decided to organize all active and retired members who started to contribute into a common fund with a goal to provide assistance and benefits to the families of deceased officers.

This fund has evolved over the last century and most importantly, it has grown. From just a handful of members we have successfully enrolled over four thousand members. Since its inception, the Police Relief Association has helped hundreds of police family members through dedication and commitment of board members. The Police Relief Association board members hold fiduciary and administrative responsibilities as they are elected by the police officer members. All board members are active or retired police officers themselves.

The Police Relief Association has been designated as a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  

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