Always notify the MPRA of changes to your beneficiaries and any information related to your beneficiaries (i.e. name changes, address changes, and/or phone number changes). 

As a member you can submit changes by completing the beneficiary form

This form upon completion should be sent to the PRA at the following address: 

Milwaukee Police Relief Association
PO BOX 341608
Milwaukee, WI 53234

If you have questions regarding who your beneficiaries are and/or questions about changes, please contact the PRA at the following:

Phone: 414-649-8373

Note- The PRA does not have normal business hours, so please email or leave a voice mail and we will return your messages. 

Milwaukee Police Relief Association Board Members

Branko Stojsavljevic – President – Intelligence Fusion Center (IFC) Early –

Eric Pfeiffer– Vice President- District Four-

Dena Klemstein– Secretary-

Shannon M. SeymerTabaska – Treasurer – CIB-General Crimes –

David Feldmeier- Director- District Five-

Craig Sarnow – Director- Risk Management-

Patrick Doyle – MPD Retiree –

Tips from the MPRA Board to avoid benefit issues at time of death: 

1. Ensure your beneficiary designations reflect life changes: birth, adoption, marriage, divorce and death. Review beneficiary designations periodically.
2. Beneficiary forms on file at the PRA determine beneficiaries for financial payout, not the member’s will and/or estate.
3. Ensure beneficiary forms have your beneficiary’s most current address and phone number. 
4. Ensure the beneficiary form is signed, dated, and the percentage total adds up to 100% for the designated beneficiary (ies).
5. Beneficiary Forms are located on our website:  Beneficiary Change Form
6. Instructions to complete Beneficiary Change Form