Branko Stojsavljevic

President- Active

Branko is currently a Lieutenant with the Milwaukee Police Department. Branko was originally elected to the MPRA board in 2008 and served in the role of Secretary until his election as President in 2013. Branko takes his fiduciary responsibilities seriously and is always looking for ways to improve the benefits for the membership

Eric Pfeiffer

Vice President – Active

Eric Pfeiffer is currently a Captain assigned as the Commanding Officer of District Four. Eric was elected to the board in 2016. One of Eric’s goals when he was elected was to increase the benefit for the membership from $8,000 to $9,000, which occurred in 2017. He continues to look for opportunities to grow the MPRA fund and increase the benefits for the membership. Eric is honored to work on the behalf of the current and retired membership of the Milwaukee Police Department and their families in their time of need.

Dena Klemstein

Secretary – Active

Since 1990, Police Officer Dena Klemstein has served the Milwaukee Police Department and has 20 years in law enforcement experience with assignments in Patrol, Communications Division, Internal Affairs-Civil Litigation Unit, Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission, Office of the Chief of Police and currently the Risk Management Division. Dena is the Program Administrator the Early Intervention Program and also assists the Department in obtaining State WILEAG Accreditation. She has also served as a volunteer for the Recreational Association of the Milwaukee Police, Justice for a Cure, and Special Olympics.

Shannon M. Seymer-Tabaska

Treasurer – Active

Shannon is currently a Captain and oversees the General Crimes Division and MAVCTF. Shannon has served on the PRA Board as a Director, Vice President, and currently serves as the Treasurer. Since Shannon’s appointment in 2017, she has been results-oriented, reducing operating costs for the PRA, coordinating the passage of a resolution to include the PRA in the 2018 Combined Giving Campaign, and strategizing for transparency, coordination, and communication with PRA members, both retired and active. Shannon demonstrates the qualities of a true servant: leadership, integrity, and loyalty and will continue to lead as a responsible fiduciary in the PRA.

Patrick Doyle

MPD Retiree Board Member

In 1967, Pat Doyle was appointed to the Milwaukee Police Department and retired as a Detective in 2001 with 34 years of service. During his time of service, Pat served on the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA) as a Trustee and Secretary/Treasurer. Pat also previously served on the PRA as a Director.  In 2009, Pat was appointed to the PRA Director-Retiree position.  Pat is a historian for knowledge about the PRA.

David Feldmeier

Director- Active

David Feldmeier has been a director on the MPRA board since 2019. He is the second youngest of nine children. He was raised in Waukesha and has lived most of his adult life in Milwaukee. He has two adult children. Currently a Police Captain and Commanding Officer of District Five, David has completed 25 years of service with the Milwaukee Police Department. He has been a patrol officer, a boat operator on Harbor Patrol, a tactical operator and team leader on SWAT, an investigator and supervisor at Internal Affairs. He is a certified LESB instructor in Unified Tactics and an instructor for Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety. David has a Degree in Psychology and holds the professional designation of Certified Public Manager through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a high school wrestling coach and four-time Ironman triathlete.

Craig Sarnow

Director- Active