then and now
Since 1855, with the formation of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), the Milwaukee Police Relief Association (MPRA) was created at a time when no benefits existed for Milwaukee Police Officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Spouses and children of members not only suffered the loss of their loved one, but also suffered a loss of support and income. The founding members of the MPRA decided to organize all active and retired members to contribute to a common fund with a goal of providing assistance and benefits to the families of deceased MPD officers. Wisconsin State Statute 213.11 mandates participation of MPD sworn law enforcement officers in the MPRA in which minimal monthly dues are deducted from member’s paychecks and a death benefit of $9,000.00 is paid out at the time of death to the member’s stated beneficiary(ies). The MPRA fund has grown significantly since its formation from a membership consisting of just a handful of members to over four thousand members. The MPRA has provided monetary support to hundreds of families who have suffered a loss of a loved one due to the board member’s dedication and commitment.  

Today, the MPRA Board consists of both active and retired sworn Milwaukee Police Officers elected by their membership and are held to the highest administrative and fiduciary standards. The MPRA is a non-profit organization that not only receives dues from members, but also accepts donations which are tax deductible. Learn more about how to donate to the MPRA to ensure we maintain the longevity of the fund for our successors.